Fashion Jewellery Product Compliance

Examples of the type of projects we can help with include the following:

  • Advice on the assessment of products for safety and legal requirements under GPSR
  • Helping to establish Due Diligence testing programs to demonstrate legal compliance
  • Identifying risks and hazards relating to products as well as potential quality issues and suggestions for rectification 
  • Development of product specifications 
  • Development of quality systems and procedures, including quality testing and inspection standards, sealing processes, supply manuals, auditing standards.

Our experience in this area has been gained through working with fashion jewellery and hair products for well known high street retailers. We have first hand experience of dealing with suppliers in India and the Far East.

Fashion Jewellery Product Compliance

IQS can help you to understand both the legislative requirements relating directly to fashion jewellery products and the less obvious issues that could be picked up under General Product Safety Regulations (GPSR).

Requirements for fashion jewellery, costume jewellery and accessories can be complicated.

Legal requirements relating to chemical content under REACH and other safety issues need to be considered to fulfil legal requirements under the GPSR.


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