Product Compliance Management Services

Our Services include:

  • Product Compliance advice
  • Quality management policies and procedures that are tailored to individual clients
  • Product appraisals, detailing risk assessment, testing requirements, packaging warnings, claims substantiation and assembly checks
  • Advice on EU regulations and standards that affect the client's individual product types
  • Advice on product recall procedures
  • Training workshops and courses
  • A non-jargon and easy to read IQS Industry Bulletin that provides up to date information on technical legislative changes that affect business and trading
  • Technical files and due diligence support
  • Supplier approval protocols
  • Information responses to specific legislative questions and product issues
  • Bespoke Consultancy on Client's individual project needs

Product Compliance Management Services

For Retailers

Supplier manuals and codes of practice, helpline services and training courses.

For Importers

Project management for the approval of production from Far East Vendors.

For Web Based Retailers

Management and due diligence systems for supplier assessment and approval.

For Trade Associations

Safety advisory service, technical advice and training.

For Far East Manufacturers

Advice and project coordination to ensure product complies with UK retail and EU legislative requirements.

For Small Startup Companies

Advice on product specific legislative requirements in easy to understand format for those businesses new to the industry.

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